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OACC Director, Dr. Andy HammermeisterAndrew Hammermeister, Ph.D., P.Ag.
Director, OACC

Faculty & Position
Director, Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC)
Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture

Contact Information
Email: andrew.hammermeister@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 893-8037
Fax: (902) 896-7095


  • B.Sc. (Soil Science) – University of Saskatchewan
  • M.Sc. (Land Reclamation) – University of Alberta
  • Ph.D. (Applied Ecology) – University of Alberta

Dr. Hammermeister grew up on a mixed farm in Saskatchewan.  He conducted his undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan and graduate studies at the University of Alberta.  From there he obtained a Postdoctoral position at the OACC, located at NSAC in Truro, Nova Scotia, where has moved on to become Assistant Professor, and now Director of the OACC.

Dr. Andy Hammermeister is Director of the OACC and Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University's Faculty of Agriculture.  He is interested in developing and promoting sustainable organic farming systems, as well as organic production research in the prairies as well as the Maritimes.

Dr. Hammermeister is currently overseeing the national Organic Science Cluster involving over 80 scientists at 20 institutions across Canada.

His current research interests over the last 5 years have included:

  • weed and fertility management in organic small fruit production
  • organic options for control of wireworm
  • the effect of forages in organic crop rotations
  • use of forages as a mulch in cereal crops: effects on weed suppression and fertility
  • wheat crop and weed response to variable seeding rates of wheat at different levels of soil fertility
  • the nutrient supplying capacity of selected organic amendments
  • use of pelletized poultry manure to optimize yield and protein content in spring wheat
  • evaluation of green manures as sources of fertility under organic management

Dr. Hammermeister’s past research interests have included:

  • Soil mapping for wildlife habitat development
  • Evaluation of soil salinity around dugouts
  • Evaluation of fly ash (from coal fired power stations) as a soil amendment
  • Reclamation of coal mine disturbances
  • A study of native prairie restoration following oil well site disturbance, changes in soil and vegetation under different restoration strategies.

Dr. Hammermeister’s teaching interests have primarily related to soil science, organic agriculture, agronomy, reclamation and applied ecology.

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