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Instructions for Authors


Information on presentation preparations and the submission of a one-page project overview, due by January 9, 2012, are outlined below. The information is also available in a printable PDF.


Guidelines for Oral Presentations:

  • All presentations must be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint for MS Windows (PC compatible), and saved as a PowerPoint file (i.e. filename.pptx or .ppt).  The computers that will be used for the presentations at the University of Manitoba are loaded with PowerPoint 2010, which should be compatible with previous PowerPoint versions.
  • Please limit fonts used in the presentation to basic fonts (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, Verdana, etc.), as not all fonts are supported by all computers.
  • Unless otherwise notified, presentation slots are each 15 minutes in length.  Please aim to complete your presentation in 12-13 minutes, to allow time for introductions before your talk and to allow subsequent questions.
  • Submission of presentations:  Presentation files will be loaded on to computers at the conference.  We ask authors to make every effort possible to load their files the day before their scheduled presentation.  For those presenting on Tuesday, February 21, presentations can be uploaded during the Welcome Reception on Monday evening.  For those presenting on Wednesday, February 22, presentations can be uploaded during the Monday welcome reception, Tuesday morning registration, or before the Tuesday evening banquet. 
  • Please use a USB drive for ease of presentation uploads.
  • Please bring a back-up file of your presentation, in the case that any problems arise.


Guidelines for Poster Presentations:

  • We highly recommend using the suggested poster size of 48 inches wide and 36 inches long.  Accommodations can be made for a maximum poster width of 48 inches and maximum length of 48 inches.
  • All of the materials required to affix posters to the panels (i.e. pins, Velcro) will be provided on site.
  • Please prepare your poster by grouping the Title, Authors’ names and Affiliations at the top of your poster. Include a brief «Introduction» stating your research objectives and/or hypotheses, a «Materials and Methods» section, a «Results and Discussion» section, and a «Conclusion» section.  Please contact Joanna MacKenzie (jmackenzie@nsac.ca) should you wish for an example or further information.
  • Set up time for posters will be provided on the morning of Tuesday, February 21 during the morning registration and nutrition break sessions.


Guidelines for One-Page Reports:

General Guidelines:

  • One-page overviews must be submitted by email as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) on or before January 9, 2012 to Joanna MacKenzie (jmackenzie@nsac.ca). 
  • One-page project overviews will be published in the Canadian Organic Science Conference Proceedings and posted on the OACC website (www.oacc.info) and are intended to provide a project overview/summary that will be informative for conference attendees and a more general website audience.
  • The one-page summary should be presented in a format and using language that is easily understood across multiple disciplines and by audiences that may include the general public, scientists, extension specialists, agricultural professionals, students and farmers.
  • We also ask that each corresponding author provide us with a photo, preferably a head-shot with at least 120dpi resolution.  These photos will be used on the OACC website and may be included in the conference proceedings.


  • The one-page summary is to be single spaced, left justified with 11 point Arial font. 
  • Margins must be set at 1 inch on all sides.
  • Please place the title in bold on the first line. Capitalize the first letter of all major words in the title and end the title with a period.
  • On the line below the title, please indicate the author(s) of the paper in the following format:
    • Initial(s) and Last name1, Initial(s) and Last name2, etc., where the superscript numbers refer to author affiliations and addresses.  Use the same superscript number for all authors located at the same address
    • If more than one author, please identify the presenting author with a superscript asterisk (*) following their name.
  • On the next lines, in 10 point font, please provide the address of each author with the identifying number supplied in the author information, with each address listed on a separate line, as
                    1. Address.
                    2. Address, etc.
                   * E-mail address for the corresponding/presenting author.
  • Leave a single 12 point space between the author addresses and the summary text.
  • Please refer to the example provided on the final page of the downloadable PDF document.


  • The summary should include:
    • Background: Describe the relevance/impact of the project for the organic sector and/or industry need.
    • Project Overview: This section can include results if available.
    • Conclusions.
    • Funding Partners: Please list & recognize industry partners that have supported the project.
  • Figures and tables can be included in the one-page summary.  If included, please ensure that they will reproduce well in black and white.  Otherwise, they may be removed.
  • Any scientific names are to be italicized and written in full, accompanied with the authority the first time they are mentioned. Cultivar names are to have single quotation marks around them. Abbreviations are to be spelled out the first time.
  • Please refer to the example provided on the final page of the downloadable PDF document.
  • Please note that editing for typos, clarity or grammar will NOT be done by the compilers.


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